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Microgrid Israel (MGI) provides a full-scale solution for district and campus distributed energy centers. The company offers complete BOT (Build Own Transfer) services: from the initial feasibility study through the design process, regulatory and certification approvals, financing, implementing, and the provisioning of reliable and cost-effective energy solutions. 
MGI can deliver technology specific projects like CHP, Energy Storage, and Solar and, at the same time, is uniquely and unequivocally qualified to address the holistic energy operation of a site. The holistic approach includes sophisticated management capabilities and the ability to converge all the site's energy generation, storage, and consumption into an effective functioning microgrid.
No project is too small or too large to benefit from the integration of intelligence and automation to optimize its energy operations. MGI set itself as the first and leading Israeli firm to design, deploy, and manage such solutions. 

MGI is active today in the governmental, municipal, academic, defence and commercial sectors.




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the team


Microgrid Israel management team brings together a unique combination of top leaders in the diversified disciplines required to deploy a fully functional microgrid:
Energy Operations, Information Technologies, and Energy Regulations.


The management team members are recognized thought leaders in the industry and frequent speakers at local and global conferences. 

Amos Lasker

Amos Lasker

Mr. Lasker served as the president and CEO of the Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC) and is playing an instrumental role in the local energy market reformation. Mr. Lasker serves as the chairman of the Israeli Independent Power Producers forum, the chairman of the Israeli Smart Energy Association, and is a partner in AMRAV investment firm through which he is engaged with several innovative start-ups.

Elad Shaviv

Elad Shaviv

Mr. Shaviv brings over 30 years of networking and cyber experience. Mr. Shaviv currently heads the Israeli Smart Energy association, chairs the Global Power utility Business innovation Forum, and serves as global business consultant to Cisco Systems. As an acknowledged thought leader in the smart energy domain, he sits on global and local standard committees for microgrid and smart cities. 

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